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Editorial Board: Reform should not be rushed

While we appreciate the commitment to reform and support the proposed amendment, we question the decision to set the special election for Dec. 4 and Dec. 5 because it leaves unsatisfactory time for meaningful debate about the bill. Furthermore, holding the election during Dead Week — as students are focusing on exams and finishing the quarter — may limit voter turnout and thereby threaten the bill’s chance of passing.

In favor of the other Clinton, the other Bush

In his column “Not another Clinton, not another Bush,” Daily columnist Joel Gottsegen rightly points out the potential corrupting influence of nepotism in American politics. But, missing from Gottsegen’s impassioned advocacy is an analysis of why Clinton remains the frontrunner of the Democratic Party and why Bush tops the list of potential Republicans. Is it that Americans are so bedazzled by the personalities of political aristocrats that we become blind to the merit of its candidates? Are we unwilling to look beyond the party platform for political inspiration?

Palo Alto goes to the polls

Palo Alto citizens will vote today not on national, state or local officials, but on two community issues that have inspired similar amounts of political debate. Measures D and E will take center stage on the Palo Alto ballot, after a recent decision by the local legislature to move city council elections to even numbered years to save money.