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Editorial Board: Let’s hold faculty to a higher standard on sexual assault

Stanford’s Fundamental Standard states: “Students at Stanford are expected to show both within and without such respect for order, morality, personal honor and the rights of others as is demanded of good citizens.” In the years since 1896, the University has expanded on these basic tenets, adding phrases such as “the rights and dignity of…

Editorial: Underprivileged students and intro classes

First-generation and others from generally underprivileged backgrounds have a host of unique challenges upon arriving at Stanford. They are placed in a new social and economic culture. They have financial burdens that add to the stress of campus life. And they are generally faced with an abrupt academic transition; from day one, students from these backgrounds are in classes alongside peers who attended some of the nation’s top high schools.

Editorial: Faulty priorities

Decisions to demolish, retrofit or construct buildings should never be made lightly. Nevertheless, the long delays that have accompanied debate over the futures of Meyer Library and Searsville Dam have put safety and property in jeopardy. Though less glamorous than a new concert hall, eliminating the aforementioned threats must be done in a timely fashion. Stanford has been on the cutting edge of both earthquake science and earthquake preparedness for decades. Let’s keep it that way.

Editorial: Sobering up at the OAPE

It is true that one need not drink before attending a frat party. It is also true that, given their volume, size and inherent character, frat parties might not be very enjoyable to the average sober student. Contrary to the assumption implicit in T.G.I.F, these students are not necessarily looking for an alcohol-free version of a frat party. Furthermore, they may naturally shy away from a party of any sort that is put on by the “Office of Alcohol Policy and Education,” no matter how much free pizza or Jamba Juice is supplied.