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On being ‘unsuc-sex-ful’

Surely bountiful romance and employment opportunities came in a neatly packaged bundle with our acceptance letters. Isn’t the true objective of institutionalized higher learning to meet our soulmates and prepare for a monotonous career full of shameless brags about our prestigious degrees? But as the hint of crisp fall leaves die and we begin to…

Surviving Dormcest

Dormcest…it’ll get the best of most of us. When you move in to a new dorm, everyone tells themselves, “Nah, I couldn’t. These people are, like, my new family. Yeah, my neighbor’s cute, but…we’re just such good friends,” and you were for about two months. Maybe three months. And then, lo and behold, one night on frat row, things got very out of control, and now you two aren’t quite sure where to go from here. Let’s look at the options: