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Vagina-phobic monologues

Don’t mention it. Efface it. Erase it. Deface it. Make it go away. Or at least pretend it doesn’t exist. Call it something else. Oh, and denounce everyone who’s ever tried to give it a voice. And if you ever find yourself having to talk about it, blame it for everything.  I am, of course,…

CS in Crisis: Is Stanford doing enough to respond to capacity and inclusion challenges?

“STANFORD THREATENS LIMITS ON NUMBER OF CS MAJORS,” the sensationalist all-campus email newsletter The Fountain Hopper (better known as The FoHo) alerted readers in fall 2016, during my freshman year. There wasn’t a lot of substantiating evidence beyond the fear mongering title, and the information was later revealed to be false. Nevertheless, a panic ensued in my freshman dorm, although most of my friends were a ways away from even thinking about declaring.