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A brand new ‘Beauty’

On opening night of “Beauty and the Beast” the audience was filled with parents and their young daughters, many of whom were dressed as princesses. While this is an appropriate and fun musical for kids, with enduring music, it is based on an 18th-century fairytale and thus is a bit outdated. While it’s a story of inner beauty triumphing over outer beauty, it must be noted that the story requires that the beautiful woman, Belle, see past the bad looks and bad temper of the man, the Beast, and not the reverse. Would the story be so popular and believable if the gender roles were reversed? It’s the 21st century, so is it too much to ask for a tale about a beautiful man and an ugly woman with inner beauty where the man must see past her looks?

Demi Lovato: Unbroken

Everyone loves a comeback kid, and as literally the only Disney star who can carry a tune, let alone sing, Demi Lovato has everyone rooting for her after a long year of personal battles. Her third album, “Unbroken,” isn’t quite perfect, but it’s good enough to satisfy the masses while remaining true to her original sound.

I Have Two Heads: The Terrible Twenty-Somethings

21 isn’t the beginning of the rest of our lives, not in the sense of sinking into full-fledged adulthood. Technically, almost all of us at Stanford are adults, yet it strikes me how much of a transition stage we’re still undergoing. High school may be the time of so-called teenage angst, but college introduces a fresh dilemma: during our four years as undergraduates, we find ourselves highly conscious of the fact that we are no longer kids, but we do not always feel like adults, either.