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Disney’s “Maleficent” unfolds the innocent past of the “Sleeping Beauty” antihero

As characters like Walter White and the Underwoods dominate television, it’s no surprise that Disney has its first movie centered around an anti-hero, “Maleficent.” Angelina Jolie plays the titular “Maleficent,” and the film tells the “untold” story of her past as an innocent, altruistic fairy of the moors all the way to her role in the Sleeping Beauty story.

Top 5 movies to see over spring break

Spring break might come in the form of your annual trip to Bora Bora, or it might just mean going home to sleep for seven days straight. No matter what your plans, the free time means it’s time to hit the movie theater right when the theater most needs the money. Intermission has the top movies you should check out over the break.

Reviews: ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’

Peter Hedges’ new film, “The Odd Life of Timothy Green,” features characters similar to those of his last film, “Dan in Real Life”: clueless but well-meaning parents and children that are wise beyond their years. Whereas as “Dan in Real Life” was a breath of fresh air, including an all-star cast and modern themes, the characters in “Timothy Green” are plain and hackneyed and play out a story so simple-minded and quaint that it could have been written 30 years ago.

Review: ‘John Carter’

Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom series first appeared in 1912 with the immensely popular “A Princess of Mars.” Over the course of Burroughs’ life, he wrote 10 more books about Barsoom – or Mars, for us human folk – all of which became massively influential both during his lifetime and long after his death. Famous science-fiction authors as diverse as Arthur C. Clarke and H.P. Lovecraft were inspired by the series, and both George Lucas and James Cameron cited the books as explicit influences for “Star Wars” and “Avatar.” With such a wide swath of the American zeitgeist carved by Burroughs’ stories, it is surprising that it has taken a full century for Barsoom itself to appear on the silver screen in “John Carter.”

A brand new ‘Beauty’

On opening night of “Beauty and the Beast” the audience was filled with parents and their young daughters, many of whom were dressed as princesses. While this is an appropriate and fun musical for kids, with enduring music, it is based on an 18th-century fairytale and thus is a bit outdated. While it’s a story of inner beauty triumphing over outer beauty, it must be noted that the story requires that the beautiful woman, Belle, see past the bad looks and bad temper of the man, the Beast, and not the reverse. Would the story be so popular and believable if the gender roles were reversed? It’s the 21st century, so is it too much to ask for a tale about a beautiful man and an ugly woman with inner beauty where the man must see past her looks?