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Q&A with John Mackey and Bruce Friedrich

John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods Market, and Bruce Friedrich, the executive director of The Good Food Institute and founding partner of New Crop Capital, will be participating in a debate on Weds. at 7:00 p.m. in Room 290 in the Law School. Mackey and Friedrich will argue that eating meat is not ethical/healthy against Stanford Debate Society members Jimmy Zhou ’18 and Jack Boffa ’18. The Daily had a conversation with Mackey and Friedrich before the debate about their interests in the area.

Hate isn’t debate

I was surprised to find, in the pages of a respected and influential publication at my very own place of work, the notion that my queer family is a “caricature” of a family. This is not argument, but aggression, for which ignorance isn’t much of an excuse.

Disguising extremism as common sense

An argument that relies on this rhetorical ploy–that gets to avoid defending its weakest points, and obscures differences and logical links between different beliefs–is exactly what we need to avoid. In order to formulate intelligent policy, we must seek to elevate reason over rhetoric–and always be wary of the motte and bailey.