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SWL: A Medley

Why choose just one thing to love when there are so many options? (Sidenote: that could be the motto of college kids everywhere). We decided not to choose and in the spirit of all things lists, here’s a medley of things we’re loving this week. Other than college kids, of course.

Frozen yogurt death match

How many high-end frozen yogurt stores can one town sustain before it reaches critical mass and the entire community is consumed by fire and brimstone, a la Sodom and Gomorrah? Over the past few years, our charming town of Palo Alto has been actively engaged in trying to answer that question. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if a frozen yogurt store opened in the bathroom of an existing frozen yogurt store.

Freshly Baked: Space Kimchi

Two years ago, a friend and I made a documentary for a film class about multiracial students and their experiences at Stanford. One, who was half Chinese, mentioned in her interview how she had never felt attracted to the Asian-American community at Stanford, saying, “I feel like at times they do become very stereotyped, just to be very honest. They become about getting boba, or about eating Asian food, or about other things like that, which to me are cultural elements, but that’s not what it’s really about.”