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Is she gay or just indie?

She wears overalls, thrifted sweaters, vintage sports jackets and handmade earrings, but in a post-35mm-film society, there’s just no way to tell: Is she gay or just indie? Of all the English sections in all the universities in the world, she walks into mine. She wears her dyed hair in a chopped bob or blunt…

Classy Classes: PSYCH 148S — The Psychology of Bias: Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination

PSYCH 148S: “The Psychology of Bias: Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination” is a three unit course where students gain an understanding of societal bias and ways to combat it. The class incorporates research and studies from social, cognitive, affective, developmental, cultural and neural perspectives to analyze the processes that reflect and perpetuate group biases.