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Golub: An expectation of consent

Today is Christopher Columbus Day, a symbolic celebration of our country’s lifelong commitment to the erasure of Native Americans without their consent. Two days ago was Stanford football’s Set The Expectation game, a symbolic celebration of football’s commitment to present itself as an upstanding, positive institution while it exploits players’ bodies and in many cases…

Stanford vs. CTE

Last Friday was the first day of fall. Many of us in the Stanford community went through our days in breathless anticipation. Nope, I’m not talking about the start of fall quarter 2017. I’m talking about last Saturday’s Stanford vs. UCLA football game. I don’t pretend to be a football aficionado. By virtue of being an American and…

Beyda: Concussions are not events, they’re stories

As a die-hard football and hockey fan, I hear about head injuries all the time. But what does a concussion really mean to me? Chances are, it will elicit one of three reactions: I’ll gear up for the disappointment of a Sharks slump after the loss of a top defenseman, I’ll scurry to tweet a juicy tidbit of Cardinal football news after a post-practice press huddle or — god forbid — I’ll scratch my head as I tweak my already shaky fantasy lineup.