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Community-centered: The Asian American Activities Center

Since January of 1977, the Asian American Activities Center (A3C), established through student-led community organizing, has supported a community of undergraduate and graduate scholars, organizers, artists, alumni, faculty, staff and friends. The A3C, like other community centers, is not a place for self-segregation – the A3C is a place for congregation, identity and intellectual development…

Community-centered: Queer Student Resources

Queer Student Resources (QSR), formerly known as the LGBT-CRC, is an integral part of the Stanford community. An indispensable pillar in Stanford’s history and culture, we provide services and education to queer and non-queer students alike, working to make Stanford a safe and welcoming environment for students with a variety of backgrounds and identities. Our…

Community-centered: El Centro Chicano y Latino

“The Provost should provide funding to strengthen the ethnic centers’ budgets… We further recommend that [Stanford provides] each center with three full-time staff positions by September 1, 1990.” In 1989, the University Committee on Minority Issues, established by the President and Provost, made this and other recommendations concerning Stanford’s community centers. Twenty-eight years later, many of these…

Affirming our commitment to community

We join with all members of this community in listening to one another and working together to make Stanford the kind of place where every person and voice feels valued. And we are always open to hearing your ideas about creating spaces for open discussion and building community, so please do not hesitate to contact any of us.