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To apologize in advance

When I first came across Cory Booker’s Daily columns, part of me was prepared to be disillusioned by yet another politician. I came across the columns through a recent Daily article titled ‘Presidential hopeful’s intimate columns about race, homosexuality and groping incident resurface.’ With such a title, given the current political environment, his collegiate writing seemed liable to incriminate him in more than angsty musings on California weather or dining hall food.

Brewer: The good, the bad and the ugly

The good the bad and the ugly. Success often comes from experiencing all three. The good will make you feel like you’re on top of the iceberg. It is when you win a game, a regular season, a Pac-12 championship, or a national championship. Yet, as much as there is a tip of the iceberg, there are also kilometers more beneath the freezing cold water, invisible to passers by.

Pragada: Row, row, row your boat

My first exposure to rowing (or what they refer to in America as “crew”) came in 2010, when i saw David Fincher’s movie The Social Network. Besides being completely blown away at the fact that Armie Hammer was playing two people on screen at the same time, I was additionally shocked that competitive kayaking was a real sport, one that posh British people in the movies seemed to take exceptionally seriously. My next encounter with rowing, in high school, reminded me that the founding of Facebook wasn’t the only thing exaggerated in that movie, and helped me better comprehend this aquatic mystery of a competition.

Mather: Grading Haase’s first season

Stanford basketball’s first regular season under Coach Jerod Haase is finally in the books. There were plenty of good moments, although barring a miracle the team will miss the postseason for the program’s second consecutive year.

With the Pac-12 Tournament starting today, let’s break down how everything went for Haase and the Cardinal this year:

Unanswered Questions

Susan Weinstein’s letter to the editor entitled “Stanford Food Trucks Policy Changes” was nothing short of detritus. Now, I really couldn’t care less about the food trucks, as I don’t eat at them. However, I care about accountability. The editorial gave us a timeline of events, for which I am thankful, but it failed to…