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Fight the natural gas expansion

Divestment from coal was a great step in the right direction, but it remains to be seen if that was a real commitment to future generations. Divestment from coal is arguably just a sound financial move and may have just been cover for a larger commitment to the new face of fossil fuels. Instead, we should apply the same effort to build our carbon-free future.

Fossil Free Stanford: Open letter to the Stanford University Board of Trustees

The scale and severity of the climate crisis demands that production of all fossil fuels be curtailed. Therefore, Fossil Free Stanford has called for full divestment from oil and gas companies as well. Our work with the administration has thus far been productive, but we are rapidly running out of time in the inexorable march towards irreversible climate change and falling behind in the courageous opposition movement which Stanford helped to catalyze.

The media’s role in climate change action

This false balance of two sides to every issue is detrimental to climate change action because it increases a dangerous ambiguity surrounding the issue. At the end of the day, a balanced portrayal of climate change means two sides debating what to do about the problem, not whether or not the problem exists.