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Animating AIDS

TeachAIDS, founded by a Stanford alumnus, aims to educate the world about AIDS prevention.   “They say when you find work that you love, you never work a day in your life. That’s what it’s like for me.” When founder and CEO of TeachAIDS, Piya Sorcar M.A. ’06 Ph.D. ’09, describes her job, the passion…

Link up start-up

The site, Dormlink, allows students to connect with others within their dorm or house on campus. Its features include the Corkboard, where students can post messages and pictures, the Stuff page, where students can catalog items that they are willing to lend or sell, and the Classes page, where students can find others in the dorm taking the same classes.

Here comes the sun?

Unfortunately, winter quarter at Stanford is not just fun-filled Lake Tahoe ski trips and cozy North Face jackets. Year after year, the ten-week period between winter and spring breaks has a tendency to bring with it the dreaded “winter slump,” the Stanford undergraduate equivalent to the couch potato syndrome.

Bridging a Techie-Fuzzie Divide

Their class, Communication 168/268, started by Clifford Nass in 2002, explores a wide spectrum of questions relating to human-computer interactions, such as: does multitasking while listening to music help one be more efficient? Is it possible for a car to persuade its driver to become more eco-friendly? Can new technology in cars actually prevent drivers from succumbing to road rage?