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Should hate crimes be punished?

Ben Kaufman ’17 and Wyatt Smitherman ’16 debate whether hate crimes should be subject to punishment from the judicial system. Kaufman argues that hate crimes perpetuate systematic oppression of certain groups while Smitherman claims hate crimes are not intrinsically worse than other crimes.

Will Indiana’s religious freedom law even matter?

In the end, the Indiana religious freedom law does matter precisely because it will likely have limited future consequences. The volume and intensity of reactions in Indiana and across the country provides a strong barometer on the climate against discrimination and especially increasing passionate sentiments in favor of gay rights. The Religious Freedom Act is an extremely significant law from both a legal and a societal standpoint because it does strongly parallel the rules of the Jim Crow era and carries the debate of individual liberty versus discrimination into a broader context.

The F Word: Feminism and the Wage Gap

Yes. I’m talking about feminism. Don’t groan and roll your eyes. I know what you’re thinking: “If I have to read one more article about how women are treated unfairly, I’m going to poke my eyes out!” Believe me—that’s how I used to feel every time I saw the word “feminism.” I had this picture…