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Jobberish: Back to the futurist

Most of us want to know what life has in store for us, and we’re not alone. Plenty of people dedicate their lives to knowing the future — psychics, fortune-tellers — but unfortunately (pun intended), most of these people can’t actually see into the future. That is, with one exception: the futurist, which will be this week’s column topic.

Jobberish: Flavor of the week

Your life’s passion might be something that requires a college education, but it might not. You should pursue it regardless; as long as it makes you happy and pays the bills, it’s worth your time. If my hypocritical lecture didn’t work and you still want to do something with food that also validates all your hard work here at Stanford, I’ve got an idea: become a flavor chemist, also known as a flavorist. It’s the perfect job for those of you who are both foodies and chemists, and it’s this week’s topic.

Jobberish: Where the wild things were

Unfortunately, the way the message was presented was somewhat flawed — to raise awareness about the ecological impacts of various foods, the museum put out plates of shrimp cocktails and sashimi. Of course, this just made me hungry, and after leaving the museum — and I’m really ashamed to admit this — I went to a restaurant and ordered myself a shrimp cocktail. Oops. Fortunately, there is a silver lining to this story. My guilt has compelled me to dedicate this week’s column to the poor, delicious shrimp and all the other endangered animals by recommending that you pursue a career as a wildlife rehabilitator.

Editorial: Techies aren’t “sheep”

You wouldn’t know it from the placid warmth of spring on the Farm, but there’s a battle raging for the soul of Stanford. Even as the University has launched efforts to save the humanities from waning student interest, more and more of the undergraduate population is devoting itself to the study of technical majors, a development that speaks volumes about the present and future of Stanford.

The Transitive Property: Epiphanies

I went through a huge life realization this past week. Maybe it’s because I’m a senior, and it’s about time I made big life realizations or else I’d be a bit screwed. Or maybe it’s because of this column, which has made me really think about my life. Or maybe it was because this past week was Transgender Awareness Week, where I met so many big figures in the transgender rights movement, and I thought about my own role in the trans community and what I can do for a movement that’s 30 years behind the LGB movement. Or maybe I wanted to procrastinate from doing my CS106A homework.