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Seeking meaning and purpose at Stanford

If you have thought critically about your education and sought meaningful experiences, you are not alone. The process may feel terrible, but give it time. Try talking to your friends. There are resources here that can help you. At the same time, we need a greater range of interventions designed at facilitating students’ spiritual growth that can help us consider what living well means to us individually – and why – amid the endless opportunity that we enjoy at Stanford.

What’s next for the class of 2014?

As the Class of 2014 prepares to leave Stanford, many wonder where they will be headed next. Based on the data from the class of 2013, the Career Development Center (CDC) projects that 40 percent of the Class of 2014 will head into full-time employment, 24 percent will continue on into graduate or professional school and 21 percent will still be seeking employment.

Consulting interviews require extensive preparation

Finance and consulting are among the most popular careers for Stanford students after graduation, but the interview process for positions in these highly competitive fields is notoriously challenging. The Stanford Career Development Center (CDC) and student organizations including Stanford Finance and Stanford Consulting provide a variety of resources for Stanford students preparing for these interviews.…