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Frankly, on suicide awareness

Content warning: suicide, self-harm I know I have the reputation of always seeing the glass as half-empty. In the three years I’ve written for the Stanford Daily, that’s been the hallmark of my writing – critical, indignant and biting. I write about campus issues, in particular, to combat the pristine image of this university that…

Free speech is not a free pass

I don’t even know why we’re still talking about free speech. There are so many things going on right now at Stanford: poor mental health resources, inadequately-paid PHEs, a lack of faculty diversity and poor conditions for workers on campus, to name just a few. Our campus is a complex and chaotic mix of student…

A modern censorship

It is clear that free speech is neither free nor infinite in its extent. On the stage of college campuses, it enters an environment where boundaries are blurred and opinions are stagnant. Somehow, despite the constant calls for dialogue and open minds, campus discussion pits groups against each other instead of engaging them in one…

Thoughts from a former biker

I didn’t have a bike freshman year, but by sophomore year I was zipping down Mayfield Avenue, practicing riding with only one hand. And that’s true for nearly everyone here on campus. Asking questions can be exhausting. But sometimes when I walk, those questions enter my mind and I have the time to consider them.