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The nuance of the word ‘nuance’

I’ve never before heard the word “nuance” receive as much popular use as I have at Stanford. After hearing this word pop up in multiple contexts at Stanford, I decided to look further into this vague term. According to Merriam-Webster, “nuance” is an abstract noun that refers to a subtle distinction or variation, a subtle…

Organization Kid

One needs merely to scan recent news headlines to understand how starkly campus culture has changed in the nearly fifteen years since Brooks’ article. From the protests at Yale over systemic racial oppression, to calls at Princeton that the University dissociate itself from its most famous alum and administrator, Woodrow Wilson, to sit-ins at MIT and Stanford demanding fossil fuel divestment, students at elite colleges are increasingly eager to voice their displeasure at perceived injustices and to demand action against the most pressing challenges facing our generation.

Why we can’t have nice things

Once in awhile I find myself wondering just what “sex” means at Stanford. There’s the Sexual Health Peer Resource Center (SHPRC) and three dollars of free sex toys and condoms every quarter; there’s Kardinal Kink, a student group centered on education and outreach and the butt of unoriginal orgy jokes on Yik Yak. Then, of course, party and hookup culture; drinking and Friday nights and one night stands, Full Moon On The Quad, Sex Week. Then sexual assault, the shadow looming over everything.

On Natty Light and nauseous nights

It’s a Friday night, and you’re exhausted from that p-set or paper you’ve stayed up all night for. Your friends are heading out, but you don’t know if you have the motivation. What’s one shot, though – socializing is good. Drink. You’re a little more dressed up now, still tired. You’ve been convinced to go, but it’s a long walk to that party, and it’s cold – are you sure you want to go? Drink. You don’t know why you felt so tired before! Everything is great. You’re about to head out. Drink.