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Limitations of identity activism

Challenges lie ahead for today’s activists who still balk at the possibility of initiating unexpected alliances. The sectionalistic few who prefer to lob slogans like “check your privilege” instead of making sincere attempts to ally with their opponents could benefit from a nugget of Putnam’s wisdom. “A society of many virtuous but isolated individuals is not necessarily rich in social capital.”

Op-Ed: My Father’s Stanford

The class of ’78 wore white armbands against their black graduation robes to protest apartheid in South Africa. Tuesday, the Students Confronting Apartheid by Israel (SCAI) implored Stanford to divest from companies profiting from Israeli military occupation of Palestinian land. I didn’t see any armbands, and it wasn’t the SCAI’s fault. It’s that when you walk up to most Stanford students and try to interest them in divestment, more often than not they could care less.