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On running away

I didn’t know that working out was a habit that normal people engaged in, until I came to Stanford and witnessed a gaggle of students rolling out to the gym in neon sports bras and tightly laced tennis shoes. Ah, so that was why Stanford students were so attractive! Suddenly, I found that my former…

The unbearable flakiness of being

In my experience, the longer one spends at Stanford, the flakier one gets. Maybe the correlation arises because we get busier, dealing with real-life concerns like too many darn internships to apply to and a p-set we should have started four days ago. Maybe we do it because, hey, this person flaked on me once, and morality is relative, so I can flake on them. So we can just shoot the subject of flakery a quick text (So sorry but…) and get back to the grind, supposedly.

Abandoned for abroad

It begins innocuously enough, with a friend telling me she plans to travel for Thanksgiving break. That’s great! Then Thanksgiving becomes Thanksgiving and spring break. Then another friend announces she’s studying abroad next quarter, and a third plans to fly off Spring quarter, and so on and so forth until it seems a good portion…