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Connecting women in the workplace

The Levo League is a network dedicated to giving young, recently graduated female professionals the support and resources they need to be successful in the corporate world. Amanda Pouchot and Caroline Ghosn ’08 created the Levo League to fill a void they found in the support system for young women between college and the business world. The network provides a social arena to connect women with opportunities and serves as a mentoring tool through which young female professionals can learn from others with experience.

Editorial: Make Downtown Vibrant

Commercial and residential space in Palo Alto and at Stanford are severely limited by zoning and density regulations, which keep developers from providing valuable housing and office space. Stanford and Palo Alto need to work harder to ensure that their unique economic engine does not become a casualty of artificially inflated real estate prices.

Business and Music

At Stanford, what are all the ways we can learn (about) music? We can have the fun college-music-group-experience with a cadre of a cappella or instrumental enthusiasts. Or a few entrepreneurs might put together a little rock band and make the best of it. Meanwhile, people at CCRMA develop crazy new computer methods. Otherwise, we…

J.P. Morgan CEO defends big business

The Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research kicked off its annual economic summit with a speech by Jamie Dimon, the chief executive officer of J.P. Morgan Chase. Dimon recapped the financial crisis and discussed regulatory changes that would help prevent such a crisis from happening again.