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Razing the bar

You’re at a club with your buddies, nursing an overpriced craft drink — your treat to yourself as a reward for that B- on your math midterm — and chatting about spring plans, summer plans and planning to plan. You lose touch with the conversation for a moment as your gaze wanders and you see…

Op-Ed: It Gets Better

Last week, I saw a YouTube video that I have not been able to stop thinking about. The video, titled “It Gets Better,” is Google’s attempt to highlight the “It Gets Better Project” spearheaded by media pundit and author Dan Savage. The project started when Dan and his spouse, Terry, posted a video in response to the recent rise in suicides among gay American teenagers. They talked about how they were both heavily bullied in high school but had an incredible time in college and after, found each other, fell in love and even adopted a son and started a family.

The Transitive Property: Statement Against LGBT Bullying

The past Friday was Day of Silence, a nationwide movement where high school and college students across the country remain silent for the entire day in order to make people aware of the bullying of LGBT youth. I have participated in Day of Silence every year I have been at Stanford. It is an important day for me, every year. Every Day of Silence reminds me of where I come from.