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Let’s make PHE stipends equitable

But there is a simple solution to this problem: maintain the PHE program exactly as it is, but have contracts through ResEd that are at parity with RAs. Arguably, PHEs might even deserve a greater salary than RAs, given that they essentially perform the duties of an RA, but with a more extensive training and added health responsibilities. But for the time being, multiplying the salary by 10, putting it on the same level as an RA, would be a good first step.

Stanford’s architectural blunders

Many of the buildings springing up around campus hit this target—the Bing Concert Hall, for example, and the Windhover Contemplation Center. But these are buildings dedicated to the arts. When a building has an artistic or academic purpose, Stanford’s administration has consistently made an effort to make that building architecturally distinctive. But when a building’s purpose is to provide students with a place to eat or work out or sleep, this effort falters.