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‘Office’ star talks about work, life and playing Ben Affleck

Mindy Kaling is funny. Really, really funny. To use a long, highly specific metaphor, she’s that one friend you catch up with over lunch one day but wind up sitting back and letting her dominate the entire conversation. However, you’re completely fine with it because you know she’s not an insufferable egotist, but simply infinitely better at telling stories than you could ever hope to be.

Boyle turns blogging into an art form

In an age where everyone and their hamster has a blog, there is resistance to accept Internet writing into the world of “literature.” And, to be fair, the vast majority of writing on the Internet probably shouldn’t be considered “literature.” But with Boyle’s poetry collection, Muumuu House has found the kind of raw, honest writing that can, perhaps, only take place within a Blogger window.

The Transitive Property: Reflections on a Transgender Childhood

I loved reading as a kid. The English major within me is a bit ashamed to say this, but my favorite books are still the books I read from when I was 11 or 12. There’s something really magical about that love of reading as a child, when you did it for the sake of doing it, when there were no papers to write or no class discussion to prepare for. Those were the days before I was trained to critically deconstruct everything I read, and I could completely lose myself in the narrative and the characters. I miss those days.