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On Our Culture of Outrage

If you believe what you see on the internet, outrage is one of the only things we have left to feel these days. The cycle goes like this: Someone somewhere has done something simply unforgivable and your Facebook feed is full of it. The news trickles down from the young and in-the-know to those well-intentioned…

Production of The Every 28 Hours Plays: A Staged Reading provides penetrating insight into the Black Lives Matter movement

“Every twenty-eight hours in America, we lose a piece of our soul.”

This is just one of many of the deeply poignant lines from Stanford students’ performance of The Every 28 Hours Plays: A Staged Reading, an event which featured a series of poetic, haunting narratives intended to raise awareness on the Black Lives Matter movement.

A break from social justice

Luckily, Stanford students, this summer will be a much-needed time to recharge for most people as we head home. Nowhere else is it so easy to hear people with the same ideas as us and regain our faith in the ability of people with privilege to generate fantastical alternatives for reality.

An Inconvenient Truth: Campus Climate warms up

Just over a year ago, the University announced the closing of popular sandwich eatery Ike’s Place, much to the chagrin of students who had enjoyed its being a delicious alternative to dining halls and other food outlets operated by Residential & Dining Enterprises (R&DE). A small group of students organized a protest in White Plaza, but the effort seemed light and expressive rather than one that actually expected to save Ike’s.