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Film review: Surreal student thriller ‘Shen’ looks at black femininity, white patriarchy

“Shen” is a must-watch, 20-minute thriller from two Stanford students. The plot — tracking a young black woman, her white boyfriend and her schizophrenic episodes in a “Rosemary’s Baby” apartment — is the brainchild of Jace Alexander Casey ’17 and Abigail Flowers ’17. Flowers writes, Casey directs, edits and composes music and both produce. Casey…

Black girl rushing

An ISC sorority has great potential for those who find acceptance and love within the organization. Especially with its feminist notions. But as I navigate the world has a Black feminist, an ISC organization was not for me. These organization can be home for many, or alienating for some, although the people may not intentionally try to be.

They will not come

Outreach to the Stanford student body is always a hit or a miss, and many times, the hard work and care that goes into the event is not digested by the student body. The want to educate those who have so many resources at their fingertips is sometimes unhealthy.

Limitations of identity activism

Challenges lie ahead for today’s activists who still balk at the possibility of initiating unexpected alliances. The sectionalistic few who prefer to lob slogans like “check your privilege” instead of making sincere attempts to ally with their opponents could benefit from a nugget of Putnam’s wisdom. “A society of many virtuous but isolated individuals is not necessarily rich in social capital.”

Breaking the lens of oppression

We need solidarity, empathy, and an understanding of why certain actions, languages, and practices hurt people with different identities from our own. Ill-intent should never be the default assumption, but at some point responsibility must be taken for hurtful acts. Everyone has the right to feel safe. No one should take part in another person’s oppression and expect there to be no consequences.