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The solution to Green Library

For the past two weeks I’ve gone HAM on Green Library. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, I’m sure plenty did not, but it’s time to do something different. Unlike the infinite number of graduate students regurgitating mashed peas and the post-structural musings of Foucault and Derrida like a group of abandoned babbling infants, I’m going to attempt something different. I’m going to offer a solution. I know, I know, who do I think I am? How could anyone possibly try to fix or change anything in this godforsaken hell hole of the post-modern dystopia? I’ll try my hand.

The Split $ubject: Modern Thought and Literature between gender performativity and psychoanalysis, part 2

Let Xenofeminism be the name under which this local coordination takes place.” This article, as promised, seeks to further explicate the grounds for a local coordination of critical discourse on sexuality under the proposed name Xenofeminism (XF). First, the concept of “name”: (A) ”Who’s Your Daddy?” (B) ”Who’s your Daddy: MTL Between Gender Performativity and…