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System failure report

When I first started watching Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special, I was struck by his comment that women who had quit their comedy careers because Louis C.K. masturbated in front of them had “brittle spirits.” It seemed so callous to me, so devoid of empathy, that even as he tried to explain that his experiences gave him…

Humor and responsibility

This responsibility to know the difference between offense and harm becomes more complicated when we leave the world of professional comedy for Stanford, but using this framework of determining who is the target of a joke is useful. Use humor in art or entertainment responsibly, and think before crossing the line of controversy and offense into more hurtful territory.

Cardinal Nights brings in comedian Chris Hardwick, alcohol-free programming

Chris Hardwick, a popular comedian on Comedy Central and other programs, will be performing at Cemex auditorium tonight as part of the programming for this year’s Cardinal Night, which focuses on creating alcohol-free events for students. The administration is hopeful that the popularity of the performer has the potential to expand Cardinal Night’s scope and attract more students who would otherwise not be interested.