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Tinder date protocols

There are nearly 8,000 acres of Stanford land. There are about 7,000 undergrads, so the likeliness of seeing the same people more than once seems slim. Sure, there are a few of us, but campus is so big that I’d like to think that I won’t see too many people all the time. This theory…

Awkward encounters on the Farm

“Hey, what’s up?” “Hi! I’m just heading to lunch.” “Alright, I’m going to class but I’ll see you later. Have a good lunch!” “Thanks, you too!” *Shamefully realizes that doesn’t make sense.* Conversations such as this one are not uncommon in my daily life here at Stanford. I have had no dearth of awkward encounters,…

Marks My Words: The Walk-By

You’re walking somewhere on campus, by yourself and on the go. You glance ahead and see that girl you kind of know (yes, it could be a boy, too). Was she in section with you that one time? No, she must’ve been your friend’s roommate. Or, wait, maybe you met her at the party last night? Ah, but you probably don’t remember much about that night anyway…So what do you do?