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Harvard professor retires following 18 sexual misconduct allegations, including one by Stanford professor Terry Karl

On Tuesday, high-profile Harvard professor of government Jorge Dominguez announced his resignation and retirement following a stream of 18 sexual misconduct allegations against him, including one involving Stanford professor of political science and Latin American studies Terry Karl. Harvard placed Dominguez on administrative leave on Sunday evening, according to The Crimson.

When ‘The Nine’ become ‘The Eight’ (or ‘The Seven’ or ‘The Six’…): When Supreme Court Justices recuse themselves, and why it matters

The practice of Supreme Court recusal has been receiving national attention following oral arguments in Federal Energy Regulatory Commission v. Electric Power Supply Association. The case, which concerns the federal government’s authority to regulate the price of energy, was already noteworthy in its own right. Because the Court’s decision seriously implicates billions of dollars in revenue for energy companies, it has been described as “a case whose importance is hard to over-estimate.”