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Theater review: Life ain’t a cabaret for At The Fountain’s ‘Oh Say, Can You Sing?’

The past month has been a firestorm of political upheaval and precariousness. From the shocking election results to the sadness, fear, anger and violence that have followed, this country is in a fraught state filled with uncertainty. From this uncertainty, artists have taken to their craft to react, speak out and find respite. The Fountain…

Oh no, FoHo: A critique of Stanford’s newest publication

The problem, of course, is that FoHo could have just as easily framed this event as an instance of stunning insensitivity on the part of ATF, and that nobody but the FoHo staff itself oversees the editorial direction it takes when interpreting an episode on campus. It’s that the FoHo’s slant (like that of any source) inevitably shapes public opinion on a given issue, making the fact that it includes one at all a serious problem. The news is for reporting, and Opinion pages are for editorializing.

‘Did We Offend You’ highlights the controversial side of musical theater

In the small, intimate Roble dorm theatre this past weekend, Stanford student performing arts group At The Fountain Theatricals performed “Did We Offend You,” a rousing cabaret of musical theater’s more controversial songs, from “Populism, Yea, Yea” of “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” to “If You Were Gay” of “Avenue Q,” in an attempt to provoke…