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On Gabriel Knight and what anti-Semitism really means

What ASSU Senator Knight described as “a very valid discussion” are words that have launched pogroms and genocides, destroyed communities for generations and stained the human conscience. Do I think that Mr. Knight intends to recreate the Holocaust? No. Do I think Mr. Knight is responsible for the words he says? Absolutely. It is profoundly unbecoming of an ASSU senator, who is supposed to represent people like you and me, to help perpetuate this myth. Is this really what we want our home to be? A place where it’s OK to make anti-Semitic arguments?

Q&A with ASSU Executive candidates Navarro and Mutchnik

Tristan Navarro ’18 and Scott Mutchnik ’19 are looking to remind students what really makes this University tick and turn: graduate students. Despite acknowledging they don’t actually want the position, the two are running for ASSU Exec to highlight issues surrounding graduate students, Senate transparency and campus climate, all without taking things too seriously. The Daily spoke with Navarro and Mutchnik about their platform, plans of action and inspirations.

ASSU Senate candidates discuss platforms, campus issues at KSZU/Daily debate

Issues such as prospective alcohol bans, student group funding, Senate’s transparency with students and dialogue among students were all prominent at a series of debates between 15 of the 38 ASSU Undergraduate Senate candidates. The candidates met in met in the basement of Memorial Auditorium for four sets of hour-long debates, which were co-hosted and moderated by The Stanford Daily and KZSU, who broadcasted the event on Friday.

A look back at the history of the ASSU

As we approach the 2016 Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) elections, students will have the opportunity to vote on a student body Executive, a Senate, class presidents, special fees for student groups and referenda to express the student body’s opinion. Over the course of the ASSU’s 100-year history, each of the ASSU’s branches has…

Senate talks resolution on anti-Semitism, sexual assault prevention

In its first meeting this quarter, the 17th Undergraduate Senate discussed a new bill to fight anti-Semitism on campus, heard a Graduate Student Council (GSC) proposal to tackle sexual assault and confirmed the Nomination Commission’s timeline. Bill against anti-Semitism The Senate discussed a resolution on anti-Semitism which called upon the Undergraduate Senate to support the…