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Op-Ed: Ballot issues and the right to abstain

I voted in the recent ASSU election, and on many questions, the ballot prevented me from abstaining. For example, I only wanted to rank two of the Executive slates, but I was forced to rank all five. This led to my third, fourth, and fifth choices defaulting to the ballot’s random ordering. On the Annual Grants, I had to choose either “yes” and “no” for organizations I barely recognized. That can’t be the best way to allocate thousands of dollars.

2016 ASSU election results announced

Results for the 2016 ASSU elections were posted early Monday morning on the ASSU elections website. Originally slated for release on Saturday afternoon, the elections commission took the two additional days to “validate the results.” According to an email from the elections commission, the candidates ranked 15th and 16th for the Undergraduate Senate had been separated…

Q&A with ASSU Executive candidates Navarro and Mutchnik

Tristan Navarro ’18 and Scott Mutchnik ’19 are looking to remind students what really makes this University tick and turn: graduate students. Despite acknowledging they don’t actually want the position, the two are running for ASSU Exec to highlight issues surrounding graduate students, Senate transparency and campus climate, all without taking things too seriously. The Daily spoke with Navarro and Mutchnik about their platform, plans of action and inspirations.