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Cadets discuss history, challenges of ROTC at Stanford

Three times a week, Nicolas Lozano-Landinez ’18 wakes up at 5 a.m., dons his Army Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC) uniform and orders a ZipCar while many Stanford students are still asleep. The only sounds that Lozano-Landinez hears as he walks to the car is the rustling of his uniform and the echo of his black shoes on gravel. He is joined by Pablo Lozano ’18, the other Stanford Army ROTC cadet, before they travel to Santa Clara University for training.

Op-Ed: To those who would seek to prevent the return of ROTC at Stanford

I am a United States Marine and a two time combat veteran. I am a proud member of our nation’s incredibly brave and honorable Armed Forces, and many of my dearest friends are part of the ROTC program, which on its own provides another very valuable and diverse aspect to our school. As such, I must say that I would never so much as consider such a shameful insult to the men and women who have committed themselves, often at the mortal risk to their very lives, to the defense of our nation’s interests — not the least of which is our freedom from tyranny and oppression.