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In tech, superficial trumps social good

Apple recently posted a quarterly earning of $51.5 billion, bringing its yearly haul to $234 billion, a startling growth of 28% over last year’s earning. This remarkable success has been enjoyed widely in the past year by the tech sector with Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Intel stocks skyrocketing. While the tech sector has surged, the biotech and medical sectors have languished with the Nasdaq Biotech, S&P Health Care, and S&P 500 Health Care Facilities indexes all encountering steep declines.

The unfortunate state of mobile payments

True innovation in mobile payments that allows micro-transaction payments and affordable payment processing for small businesses and individuals will continue to be a pipedream as long as we continue to have layers of middlemen seeking tolls. It is unfortunate that Walmart’s CurrentC initiative, the closest thing we have to a challenger to the credit card duopoly, has demonstrated itself to be both incompetent and self-serving in the past week.

Smartwatch redux

In order to be widely adopted, a new technology must provide compelling value not just for the early adopters and technophiles, but the average user. This is where smartwatches, along with many other wearable devices, continue to fall short.

The False Promise of Entrepreneurship

On Monday, The Daily published an opinion column about entrepreneurship that I felt captured much of what’s wrong about the way that Stanford and many of its students are currently thinking about undergraduate education. I reacted swiftly and angrily on Facebook, so I want to take some time here to discuss more extensively how Stanford’s…