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Flexible phones

You’re inevitably late to your 9:30 a.m. class and pedaling as fast as your legs can allow. Your phone slips out of your pocket, but your case wasn’t rated for bicycle drops. You pedal back, embarrassed and turn your phone over to an ornate (and expensive) spiderweb on your screen. With new flexible phones, you…

Smartwatch redux

In order to be widely adopted, a new technology must provide compelling value not just for the early adopters and technophiles, but the average user. This is where smartwatches, along with many other wearable devices, continue to fall short.

Catholic Community launches mobile app

The Catholic Community at Stanford ([email protected]) recently launched a mobile app for Android and iPhone devices that includes a variety of resources for Catholic life at Stanford, including mass times, upcoming events, prayer materials, podcasts and videos.

The Catholic communities at Stanford and Yale University were the first to purchase the customizable app from the Newman Center Service Company after the company reached out to campus centers across the nation.

No cash? No problem

As much as I love my wallet — it’s quite nice and it was given to me as a graduation present — I long for the day when I no longer need to carry it with me. That day is closer than you think. A new company called Square, led by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey,…