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‘Carry that Weight’ demonstrators call for expulsion as the default sanction in sexual assault cases

More than 130 people participated in a demonstration called “Carry that Weight” in White Plaza on Wednesday. Students were urged to carry a pillow or mattress around for a day to symbolize the burden placed upon survivors of sexual assault. The protest was intended to show solidarity with survivors of sexual assault and to urge…

At Stanford, weak sanctions for sexual assault leave survivors as victims

The Student Judicial Charter states: “All members of the Stanford community are invited to propose suggestions about modification of judicial procedures to the Board.” As a member of this community I ask that Stanford strengthen current policies and give out sanctions that reflect the magnitude of the violations committed by students found responsible for sexual assault. Students at Columbia, Harvard and Brown have all encouraged seniors to wear strips of red tape on their graduation caps to acknowledge that there is a serious issue on their campuses and demand their respective administrations amend insufficient policies. I invite all members of the senior class to join me in wearing red tape on our caps at commencement to support survivors of sexual assault and to encourage Stanford to do the same.

Responding to rape at Stanford

We are offended by Evan Spiegel’s language against women and the culture it promotes, but we are more incensed by the very real violence perpetrated by and against Stanford students and our collective insufficient response to it. Too many of our peers are violated by their classmates every year. A 2012 Vaden student survey revealed that four percent of Stanford students report that they have been raped, seven percent penetrated sexually against their will and 15 percent have engaged in intercourse under pressure. This must change. Here are three meaningful steps we can take right now.