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Miller: With exorbitant CFP payouts, money isn’t the limiting factor in paying college athletes

There will only be one winner on the field in tonight’s College Football Playoff (CFP) Championship Game between Clemson and Alabama, but every FBS program will count Monday night as a financial victory. That’s because each of the 10 conferences in the top level of Division I football receive payouts from the CFP — regardless…

Wednesday roundtable: Would selection committee choose Spartans or Cardinal?

Under next year’s four-team playoff system, three of the teams likely to be chosen by the selection committee are current BCS No. 1 Florida State, No. 2 Auburn and No. 3 Alabama. The fourth team in the bracket would likely be either No. 4 Michigan State or No. 5 Stanford, the two teams that (under this year’s system) will square off in the 100th Rose Bowl Game on Jan. 1. Though the Cardinal has played a considerably tougher schedule than the Spartans, it has a worse record than Michigan State. We asked Daily football writers Winston Shi, Vihan Lakshman and Do-Hyoung Park: If the playoff were in place, which team should the selection committee choose?