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A promising comedy career

Obama has revolutionized presidential outreach. He is the first president to make so many active efforts to connect to young voters through different platforms. One of his most effective methods of connecting with youth and the public has been through his various comedic appearances.

Tune in: Hobby Lobby verdict later this month

Under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, corporations are mandated to provide healthcare to their employees; one of the articles included in that mandate is the supply of contraceptives for company employees. The dispute is that the two plaintiff corporations claim exemption from the mandate on the grounds that providing the contraceptives would contradict their religious beliefs. Their case appeals to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which is designed to prevent laws that “substantially burden” a person’s free exercise of religion. But this case ultimately decides whether for-profit corporations should be granted the same religious privileges and unalienable religious exercise rights as human individuals.

A Golden Age of Mental Health

In the past six years, more has been done to rectify the mental health situation in American healthcare than in the past six decades. Contrary to popular belief, the historical tragedies of mental health treatment in America—which include forced lobotomies, long-term confinement in prison-like state hospitals and a plethora of quack remedies—resulted only partly from…