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Top 5 places on campus for ProFros

Admit Weekend is here, and amid suitcases, wrinkled maps and ProFros asking where the restroom is when they’re, in fact, standing right in front of it, you may find yourself if anyone remembers that classes are still happening. The 5.7 percent is here, and as you take time to convince them to come to Stanford, take them to these classic campus spots to show them the best of the Farm.

Stanford Wish List

Listen, I just spent an entire weekend with a fake smile plastered on my face for the ProFros, pretending that everything here is perfect when I was actually trying to start and finish a p-set in two hours. I know I wasn’t the only one conning the Class of ‘16; I saw a group of girls tanning in the Oval, casually laying on a Stanford flag instead of an actual towel (?!) with Cardinal-colored bikinis on (?!?!), as if this is something that happens in real life. So my reality check on Sunday when I stood in the line at Coupa to spend my 21st dollar on coffee in three days was not the happiest. Stanford is incredible, don’t get me wrong, but there are a couple things that some of us might like to see to make campus life a little easier.