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Turning the Tables

Last year, as a newly anointed frosh, my RAs sent me to check out the activities fair. The upperclassmen that I met during NSO warned me to be careful as to how many clubs I signed up for. They also warned me about excessively giving out my email to too many lists. So naturally, I…

HoHo’ing for Admit Weekend

Admit Weekend 2019: a weekend where most current Stanford students stayed inside hiding from prospective freshmen (ProFros) with a large amount of energy. While many students try to avoid Admit Weekend in general, there are certain individuals who step up every year and embrace the chaotic demons that are known as ProFros. I was one…

Stanford College Republicans navigate Trump, friction with mainstream liberalism and their own future

Although Stanford’s undergraduate population tends towards the Democratic party, the University is not without its conservative tendencies. The Stanford Review was co-founded over 30 years ago by venture capitalist and conservative philanthropist Peter Thiel; resident think tank the Hoover Institution once included Secretary of Defense James Mattis and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster among its fellows. The Stanford College Republicans (SCR), meanwhile, has traditionally kept a low profile, but the last several months have seen the group put more effort into engaging the student body.