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Op-Ed: Our connection to events in Palestine

Fadi Quran, a person of tremendous courage and wisdom, a 2010 Stanford graduate, my friend and the friend of many others at our University, a Palestinian dedicated to the struggle for justice and human dignity, a man absolutely committed in theory and practice to nonviolence, appeared Friday in an Internet video, his face discolored and bruised, being beaten, handcuffed and dragged by soldiers in the course of a demonstration in Hebron.

The Transitive Property: Epiphanies

I went through a huge life realization this past week. Maybe it’s because I’m a senior, and it’s about time I made big life realizations or else I’d be a bit screwed. Or maybe it’s because of this column, which has made me really think about my life. Or maybe it was because this past week was Transgender Awareness Week, where I met so many big figures in the transgender rights movement, and I thought about my own role in the trans community and what I can do for a movement that’s 30 years behind the LGB movement. Or maybe I wanted to procrastinate from doing my CS106A homework.