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Make economics ethical

By the end of winter quarter, I will have completed the economics core. Completing this six-course sequence has taught me a great deal about concepts such as optimization, efficiency and cost analysis. What I have not been taught, however, is how to analyze the moral questions that economics raises. To what extent is inequality acceptable in an economy? Is it necessary to interfere in an economy to aid individuals who are deprived of sufficient resources? To fill this vital gap in economic student’s education, the economics department should not only design ethics electives but also make an ethics of economics course mandatory for all undergraduate economics majors.

Let’s talk about grades, baby

Grades. My relationship with them is always changing. We’ve been best friends, worst enemies and everything in between. In high school, I used grades as a symbol of success. Unfortunately, the pressure of applying to college resulted in my almost unhealthy determination to maintain good grades. On the bright side, this same pressure also kept…

Planning your academic battle

It’s the big week. You figured as much; your vigilant scouts reported enemy troop mobilization on a massive scale. They’ve begun to gather near the east border, already drilling in anticipation. According to your precious intel, they’re going to blitz through in staggered waves, timed just so that your defenses will be perpetually inundated. It’s…