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Digitization Project

The Stanford Daily Digitization Project aims to digitize all the issues of The Stanford Daily printed since 1892 so they are fully text-searchable and available online for anyone to reference at any time. The Stanford Daily has been the paper of record for the Stanford community, and this project will make its work and contents universally accessible. Having a complete electronic collection of all 120 years would enable alumni to reference their past work, revisit events during their time at Stanford and provide a valuable resource for researchers and historians.


The Daily receives dozens of requests each year concerning access to old issues and the University Librarians surely receive many, many more. Digitizing the Daily would allow the library to free up some of its microtext machines, and the full-text searchable database would be easily navigated on any internet-capable computer. This would also protect the collection from the physical threats that are omnipresent in the Stanford region: earthquake and fire.


If you would like your pledge to be dedicated to Digitization Project, please select “Digitization Project” under the “Projects” dropdown menu on the Contribute Now page.