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  • José Antonio Ávalos ’21: Subsidize Uber and other local travel for low-income students
  • Andy Lee ’21: Support free printing for students, University-owned iClickers and subsidies for music lessons
  • Bennett Lewis ’21: Work with the Department of Parking and Transportation Services to subsidize CalTrain for undergraduates
  • Melissa Loupeda ’21: Indicate on syllabi the availability of financial aid for the course
  • Gabe Rosen ’19: Advocate for course fee reductions
  • Michal Skreta ’21: Eliminate additional fees for courses, abolish printing fees and subsidize airport rides for low-income students
  • Tim Vrakas ’21: Support limited free printing
  • Matt Wigler ’19Expand the Opportunity Fund to cover study abroad programs, provide subsidies for printing, airport transfers and Caltrain rides and work to abolish course fees.