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Dear freshman parent,

First and foremost: welcome to Stanford. Whether you’ve already got a kid in college or it’s your first time, it’s no question that every parent who’s going or has gone through the process wonders what their child’s new life away from home is like. What are the most important issues impacting my child on campus? What’s going on in the campus dialogue — what are students and community stakeholders interested in, and what are they debating?

That’s where we come in. As Stanford’s premiere independent, student-run daily newspaper since 1892, we’re here to offer you a chance to keep up with the campus conversation with the purchase of any of our three parent bundles:

  1. Magazine Only = $33 — Six print issues of The Stanford Daily magazine, with content spanning all five of our regular sections: News, Sports, Opinions, Arts and Life, and The Grind. 
  2. Yearbook Only = $99 — A collectible keepsake containing all your favorite Stanford memories from the year, just for you.
  3. Yearbook + Magazine = $120 (best deal!) — Our most complete package, including a keepsake of all your favorite Stanford memories from the year and six editions of our print magazine.

With each bundle, you’ll receive exclusive access to our freshman parent newsletter containing a digest of the most front-facing issues affecting our campus community today. Our aim is to use this newsletter as a platform to supplement the magazine and recap the most important stories that you might’ve missed from our regular news cycle, so that you can follow the campus dialogue and keep up with your student from wherever you are.

For a sneak preview of our first edition, we’ll catch you up on major headlines from the past academic year, including a recent class-action mental health lawsuit against the University, an update on the Brock Turner case, Stanford’s role in the #MeToo movement, and more.

To order your package now (don’t wait!), click here!


With Daily love,

Your Editors

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