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Proposition 7: Daylight saving time

Summary: Proposition 7 gives the California state legislature the authority to vote on whether California should maintain daylight saving time year-round, instead of changing to daylight saving time on the second Sunday in March and “falling back” to standard time the first Sunday in November.

Public debate:

  • For: Assemblyman Kansen Chu, D-San Jose, was among the first to support the proposition, saying that extending daylight saving time would allow children to spend more time outside on winter afternoons and reduce workplace injuries associated with losing an hour of sleep during the spring time change.
  • Against: UC Berkeley Haas School of Business professor Severin Borenstein has been an outspoken opponent of Prop 7, saying that it would make winter mornings darker and therefore cause more commuting accidents.

Party support: California Democrats recommend a Yes on Prop 7, citing research that links the time change to health and safety hazards. CA GOP also recommends a Yes on Prop 7.

Campus support:

Stanford College Republicans supports Prop 7, saying they “disagree with biannual clock changes, as they make life more inconvenient for citizens, businesses and government.”