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Proposition 6: Gas tax

Summary: Proposition 6 repeals a 12-cent per gallon gas tax and vehicle license fee tax, which would reduce funding for highways, roads and public transportation.

Public debate:

  • For: Former member of the San Diego City Council, Carl DeMaio, who helped launched the campaign wants to “revolt” against the burden that vehicle and gas taxes put on Californias. The organization Give Voters a Voice argues that the current legislature allows gas and car taxes to be spent on bikes lanes, but not on new roads or highways.
  • Against: Stop the Attack on Bridge & Road Safety urges a vote No on Prop 6 because it would eliminate $5 billion of funding for roads, bridges and infrastructure, jeopardizing public safety. They also claimed thousands of infrastructure projects currently underway would come to “a grinding halt.”

Party support: California Democrats recommends a No on Prop 6. CA GOP recommends a Yes on Prop 6.

Campus opinions:

Stanford College Republicans supports Prop 6 because “the gas and vehicle tax attempts to collect money for road projects that should have been paid for by a long-abused road fund, and we have no assurances that the same misappropriation of road funds won’t happen again.”

SCoPE 2035 has not made official endorsements, but member Matt Nissen ’20 said that the group has partnered with Friends of Caltrain, which opposes Prop 6.