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Proposition 3: Water infrastructure

Summary: Authorizes $8.9 billion in bonds to fund environmental projects, including dam repairs, restorations of watersheds such as San Francisco Bay and wildlife protection. It comes in the wake of California’s record-breaking drought from Dec. 2011 to Sept. 2018 that shrunk water and crop supplies, harmed wildlife and cost farmers billions in revenue.

Public debate:

  • For: The California Water Bond has championed the ballot measure because they believe it meets the critically important need to secure a safe, reliable and clean water supply in California. They also argue that the measure would prepare California better for climate change. California Environmental Justice Alliance also recommended voting in support of the proposition because the funding will increase water access in disadvantaged communities.
  • Against: The Central Solano Citizen/Taxpayer Group wrote that Prop 3, like previous water-related ballot measures, directs money to many organizations, but doesn’t itself construct new dams or water supplies.

Party support: California Democrats has not taken a position on Prop 3. California GOP is neutral on Prop 3.

Campus opinions:

Stanford College Republicans opposes Prop 3 because they do not think the money raised will fund “useful infrastructure” and “because voters have already approved $7.1 billion in water bonds that remain unissued.”